Chithrangana : Bharatanatyam





Bharatanatyam is a form of Indian classical dance that evolved in the temple’s of Tamilnadu and nearby regions,probably the oldest classical dance form of India.Here Dr.Rajashree Warrier,a pioneer in classical dance forms reinterprets Chithrangana,the poem by renowned poet Prabha Varma ,via Bharathanatyam(Bhava.Raga.Thala) and projects the audience to a visual,musical,dance and spiritual journey….



It is said that Bharathanatyam is an attempt to embody the divine beauty,charm,rhythm..music and symbols that exist in heaven.Mastering this art form requires a lifetime effort,or perhaps the art is transcended through centuries via the soul of the performer,the artist,or a higher consciousness.


Vignettes from Dr.Rajashree Warrier’s reinterpretation of Chithrangana,the poem by renowned poet Prabha Varma through Bharatnatyam(Bhava. Raga .Thaala).All images©

The lights decorating and illuminating the stage played sync with the costumes of the performer thus enhancing the visual experience of the spectator … Indeed the audience was transported to a mystical parallel timeline by the mesmerizing performance of the artist.





All images©


In 2012 Delhi witnessed the gang rape of a 23 year old paramedic Nirbhaya. Fast forward to 2018 an 8 year old Asifa was abducted raped and murdered in the Indian state of Jammu and kashmir . What next ? Can we protect them?…Will we be able to prevent another barbaric and heinous crime that waits just around the corner ?

Fragments of abstract attraction



Like in the stories protected by a lake and wrapped around in cotton clouds and vast blue sky.🍄 ♥

There she awaits garlanded with cotton clouds and vast blue SKY...waiting for my soul presence...For my footsteps to bless her... To be fondled and loved...and our transporter shall take us closer to yet another magical enchantment..

Fragments of abstract attraction


The lighthouse view…



The lighthouse view…

I climbed up the stairs in a jiff and was panting like a dog.The trapdoor at the top opened to this view…
The fort you see is the Anjengo Fort established by the British East India Company in 1696.. and this s what remains… the wind blowing against me and the Vastness of elevation was quite a feel…


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Teaser II of the Malayalam Web Series ‘UTSAHA ITHIHASAM’- Saga of the spirited

Utsaha Ithihasam is a web series that pour light into the life of two friends one a filmmaker and other a software engineer and how they save themselves from the troubles of life.

Director Krishand krishandfilms “When Nitin Rajendran is in trouble he calls out to Kristo for the help and when Kristo is in a mess Nitin shows up. The series revolves around a series of events in their life, their relations and the mess they fall into and the stories that evolve out of these experience. A saga of funny events stitched around the people they meet, the intoxicants they take, the heartbreaks they have and above all the madness in the endeavor is now streaming on ZEE5. Link :ZEE5

Each episode will be a 8-11 minute tale of this potpourri friendship. There will be 8 episodes in the series in season 1″.

Through this series he will be introducing a bunch of much super active,talented,flamboyant and creative lot.The link to the second teaser of the web series is provided below. Do watch and share the content if you connect…Do support this new venture ..




Fluorescent painting on fabric ..


As soon as the shopkeeper switched off the lights,i found myself traversing in time..and as I kept staring..the monks with lord Buddha,Shiva with the celestial enchantress Mohini and radhe krishna ,all of which shifted and drifted my mind to a state unknown .Indeed a visual treat for any art lover.

Found these amazing work in an art shop @ varkala

artist : unknown





Renaissance.. . .. Relative abstracts .



Roaming through the streets of Bombay i noticed this building Renaissance across the lake powai ..

The transition period between medieval and modern times,the renaissance.A rebirth or revival..yes we have come a long way..but did we forget to protect mother nature in the long run.At times it’s important that we question and analyse our own behavior and perspective on life ..